Property – residential and commercial

Signing a contract, whether to buy, sell or lease property or refinancing a loan, are important decisions often involving many thousands of dollars. Do not agree or sign off on such matters without advice.

Mortgages – check there are no “other charges” or penalties.

Contracts – do all conditional clauses suit your personal circumstances?

Leases – what are the repairing and reinstatement obligations

We will advise on these aspects at no extra charge. You should not be concerned as to the costs of seeking advice before you sign such a document as we will not charge for that preliminary advice.

Estate Planning and Wills

When was the last time you reviewed your assets in the context of your own family, relationship property law, Wills, Trusts or asset protection? We can help you with this. Gold Card holders enjoy a 10% discount on estate planning, wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney.

Did you ever consider the detail of the “sales talk” for the acquisition of a business, it’s trading accounts, trading position, liabilities, contracts and earning capacity?

As Landlord did you ever consider repair and decoration provisions, alterations and fit-out? Has a schedule of condition as a tenant or a schedule of dilapidations as a Landlord ever been prepared. It should have been. There is much more to a commercial leases than the rent you agree. Can a tenant remove tenant fixtures and fittings, and if so, is there an obligation to make good?

Business set up is vitally important, particularly with regard to whether you do so as a sole trader, limited liability company or utilising a Trust; and whether to utilise a service company.

Who are you in business with. Is a shareholders agreement appropriate, have you taken advice on the financial structure, ownership and requested guarantees.

Intellectual property protection is an important aspect of setting up any business.


Have you considered who should or could administer your affairs for your personal care and welfare and property if you are unable to do so or choose not to do so, and who they should consult with in carrying out your wishes and/or looking after you and your affairs, and what this means? These are vitally important documents for travellers, business people and as a safeguard for later years. Elderly enjoy a 30% discount on this area of work if they hold a Card Card.


Have you considered all aspects of child care and access, maintenance and division of your relationship property, on separation and in a pre nuptial agreement. Are you in a second relationship in which you need to balance the interests of children from a previous relationship.


As an employee you should seek advice on commencement and negotiation of your employment contract and on all matters pertaining to grievance and disciplinary procedures.

As an employer, you need to be aware of employee rights, the negotiation of a contract, job descriptions and reviews.


These come into existence on death (through wills) or during life (through family trusts) and in respect of minor beneficiaries apply until children are 18 or reach a different specified age. It is vitally important the correct Trustees of such trust funds are chosen and appointed, given the possibility of fraud, abuse and conflicts of interest. We can advise on all aspects of your trust set up.

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